Restoration services at museum level

Each piece is assessed, inspected and a restoration /conservation plan is mapped out.
Through restoration a piece can be brought alive again to function well.
Pieces are dismantled, re-glued, and if needs be, stripped and sanded, cleaned and refinished.


Laying a protective compatible coat on a piece of furniture to extend its life and make it more usable. A variety of techniques can be used including oiling, waxing, , varnishing, gilding, painting and French polishing.


Holy sites and artifacts ares faithfully restored while at the same time conserving  historical and cultural integrity. Great attention and care is dedicated to ensuring that the piece is not altered, as its history and character are embedded and visible in its every scratch and dent.


As furniture often gets damaged in transport from place to place insurance companies require estimates for the repair of the damage incurred. We are happy to provide estimates (at a fee) for insurance companies. After an estimate is provided the actual damage can be repaired or restored.

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